No matter what you do or where you are, life is what we call a constant, and we cannot undermine its effects on our psyche. While it is easy to sit, ponder, think and re-think, it is an uphill task to let go of the apprehensions and just take a dive in its purposefulness. When everything around us seems pretty busy, snatching a few moments filled with childhood zeal and zinger are bound to make us feel elated and take us back into the times when a pinky promise meant life and we cried over a lost pencil and laughed over a silly joke.

Thus, we at Fun Zangoor bring some fun games for your entertainment. Experience child-like indulgence all over again, smile without a care and laugh as if this is the only day.Go ahead check our super easy games, invite friends over and be merry. Happy childhood reminiscing.

Here’s a glimpse at, play and find out who knows you best. Listed below are some basic and unique games curated just for you.

  1. Friendship dare
  2. Secret wall
  3. Love calculator
  4. Which cartoon are you?
  5. Who loves you most?
  6. Friendship calculator
  7. Slam book
  8. Love calculator prank
  9. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Quiz
  10. Wish your valentine
  11. Happy Friendship Day
  12. Astrology real calculator
  13. Happy Independence Day
  14. Happy Dussehra
  15. Wish for your loved ones
  16. Merry Christmas